Boosting Property Value via Your Garden

16 August 2017

When selling your property, it is important to think about the role that your garden can play within both the speed of completion and valuation. As we reach the height of summer, it is a great time for you to consider tidying up your garden to help enrich your sale process and really get the most out of your property.
Follow our simple tips to learn how easily you can boost your property value via your garden!

Clean and Tidy

Our first tip is that you should think of the garden as another room in your house. If you’re giving the entire house a clean and tidy, don’t neglect the outside! It may seem obvious but a sweep up of any stray leaves, removal of weeds and a wash of garden paths and walls can go a long way. It is also a good idea to remove any eyesore clothes lines and give your garden furniture a quick clean. 


Ensure that the lawn is well trimmed and maintained. To achieve a professional look, you could also define your garden’s edges. To add colour into the garden, use plants and flowers; these also go a long way in the front garden in order to create a welcoming first impression.


A quick paintjob of any furniture, fences or sheds can dramatically improve the look of your garden. Keeping it neutral is important in order to please the majority of potential buyers, so a colour such as white, grey or brown works well. 


A great way to engage potential buyers is by making your garden appear liveable. Garden furniture can do this really well, buyers will be able to imagine themselves using the space and really see the potential of your property. For houses that will attract families, sport and play equipment on display works well, or a BBQ and dining area. 

Less is More

Although a perfectly landscaped garden can add the wow factor to your property, keeping things simple often works best. By doing so, you will be tailoring to inexperienced gardeners who may be put off by a complex design, but also pros who will be able to see the potential that your garden has.


Often, the first thing that potential buyers will consider when viewing your house is the privacy that it obtains. Therefore, ensuring that all fences are intact and appropriate is important. Furthermore, a small water feature or fountain can be great for distracting from any unwanted noise and creates a serene and calming atmosphere. 


Many viewings take place in the afternoon or evening when natural lighting may not be sufficient to view the garden. Therefore, ensuring that you have artificial lighting in place works well and can be inexpensive. If you already own lighting, it is a good idea to check or change the bulbs before the viewing. 


If you have one, the front garden of your house should not be forgotten about, this is the first impression that potential buyers will get so it is important to make a good one!
Hopefully by following these simple tips, you can improve your garden and boost your property value! If you need a hand transforming your garden, feel free to give our experienced landscapers a call.