Getting on top of your Garden in December

23 November 2017

Amongst all the preparation for Christmas, it’s easy to forget about looking after your garden, and the cold weather doesn’t exactly make for perfect pruning conditions! However, for any keen gardeners, there are plenty of tasks to be getting on with to ensure that when Spring comes around, your garden is flourishing.
-       Prune climbing roses, Acer Trees and any Wisteria plants, to allow maximum potential for new shoots
-       Gather up any fallen leaves from your garden to reduce chance of rotting and damaging and surrounding plants
-       Check any climber plants are securely attached with plant ties
-       If you’re yet to plant any tulip bulbs, now’s the time!
-       If weather conditions are mild, continuing cutting your lawn regularly – but raise the height of the mower blades.
-       Keep clearing leaves off your lawn to let the light in
-       Spike your lawn with a garden fork, to improve drainage and aeration
-       Keep your patio safe and slip-free by using a pressure washer to remove any slimey build ups
-       Start thinking about your garden next year! What would you like to grow? Now’s the perfect time to get planning and ordering any seeds or bulbs.
If you’d prefer to let a professional take care of your garden, please get in touch with our friendly team of Colchester Gardeners on 07779880860.
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