How to create the perfect open-plan kitchen diner.

06 October 2017

Your local Colchester builders at West Property Management offer tips on planning a modern open-plan kitchen diner.
Open plan living has become more and more popular in the last few years, long gone are the days of families relaxing, eating and cooking in separate spaces. With an open plan design, families are able to interact with one another whilst cooking or eating, allowing a much more sociable dynamic.
The most common open-plan space is the kitchen-diner. Cooking has become a much more sociable and enjoyable activity, rather than being seen as a ‘chore’. If you’re having friends over for dinner, or cooking for the whole family, a kitchen-diner allows you to all socialise in the same space.
Here are our top tips to creating he perfect open-plan kitchen diner.
  • Consider the size and plan
Take a look at the existing space you have – are your kitchen and dining room currently adjacent? Are you planning on knocking through into your dining room? Or could you plan an extension from your kitchen?
A popular layout for an open-plan room is an L shaped design, which allows subtle definition between the two main spaces whilst still maintaining the benefits of open plan living.
  • Think about the lighting
Open plan living can feel spacious, light and airy, but does need to be supported by artificial lighting. Consider different types of lighting, particularly in the kitchen area – you could opt for under cabinet lighting, low hanging lighting over a kitchen worktop or island, or spotlighting.

  • Flooring to partition or create consistency
Flooring in an open-plan space can be used in one of two ways. Firstly, it can be cleverly used to define the two key areas in the room – the kitchen and the dining room. The other option is to keep it consistent. By using the same flooring throughout, the space appears much bigger and really exaggerates the open-plan design.
  • Eliminate clutter
Open plan spaces work best when they’re de-cluttered, airy and light.  This is easy to achieve through the use of carefully considered furniture and space-saving solutions – particularly in the kitchen.
If you’d like to discuss transforming your home to enjoy open-plan living, get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation quotation today.
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