Maximise Your Homes Value | Kitchen Edition

24 January 2017

When selling your home, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your property and
depending on your budget, or time, something as simple as a room makeover can make all the difference, and add up to £8000 to the value of your house.
Whilst a simple retouch of most rooms can help maximise the value of your house, the Kitchen is
a great place to start if you are looking to increase the worth of your property.
Here are some tips on how to improve your Kitchen and get the most out of it:
Functional Layout

If you have the budget and want a complete redesign, making sure the kitchen is functional and
has the right layout is so important. If the kitchen space is small, don’t overload it with units that aren’t necessary. It’s not about what’s in the kitchen, it’s how it’s presented. A simple, safe and clutter-free kitchen is going to be much more appealing to the buyers. Extra space also gives future
owners the chance, if they want to, to add to the kitchen. 
If your kitchen already has a practical layout, or you don’t have the budget to completely remaster
your kitchen, simple steps like maximising storage, or having clean minimalistic worktops can make a big difference. It’s essential to have your kitchen looking the best it can when trying to sell your home, so if that means a fresh lick of paint, or displaying your kitchen to create a welcoming setting, it’ll all be worth it in the long run. 

Neutral Colour Schemes
When selling your house, you have to think about what potential buyers will like and not necessarily
what you like. A neutral colour scheme can not only make a room look more appealing, to a buyer, it can also look like a blank canvas for them to change however they like. 
Bright orange cupboards, whilst they may be to your taste, may not necessarily engage the
wider population. This doesn’t mean paint your whole house white, but colour schemes with greys, creams, browns and whites can give depth to a house without it looking clinical.
Recognisable Appliance Brands

Having appliances from well-known brands doesn’t have to be expensive. If you haven’t got a big
budget, a mid-range product from a known brand, as long as it has good reviews or is recommended, can be encouraging for potential owners, as they can trust the familiar brand.

Energy – Efficient Options 

Whether you are reselling or not, energy-efficient appliances should be considered. Homeowners
are now becoming more aware of eco-friendly appliances which can save them money, so having a kitchen with these appliances already fitted could potentially set your home above others. 
Also with new homes likely to have these fitted already, keeping up with the competition is so
important, especially if you have selling your house in mind.
The Odd Luxury Choice 

Whilst splashing out on your kitchen isn’t necessary to guarantee results, or to increase worth, it
can entice future buyers. Luxury doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank either, or underground wine cellars. It can be something as minimal as using expensive materials but instead of across the whole kitchen, on a smaller surface, like an island.