Small Adjustments to Increase your Homes Value

13 April 2017

Maximising the value of your home doesn't have to break the bank. There are some small and quick adjustments which can be made to increase the value of your home.

Create Space

Whether this is decluttering, or knocking out an unnecessary wall, having a home with open space creates a sense of flow in the house. This can transform the feel of your house, and gives new buyers more space to picture their furniture in your home.

Maintain your Garden

A dull, messy garden may not necessarily decrease the value of your home, however tangled trees and unkept bushes can. A poorly cared for tree can cause a damage of £2000. If you have the budget to get your garden landscaped it is worth it, as no further work will need to be done to the garden. If you are looking to make quick adjustments, simple garden maintenance can make your home more desirable.

Let the Light In

Natural, and dimmer lighting noticeably enhance a home's appeal. Large glass windows and sky roofs are becoming increasingly popular in new build homes. To avoid knocking out you're whole ceiling, the addition of skylights or sun tubes can add that little bit extra of natural lighting. Dimmer lighting is also popular, so if you haven't got a big budget, the addition of a dimmer can work a treat.

Care and Maintenance

If you are looking to sell your home the basics need to be taken care of. Ensuring your loft is insulated, and repairing/replacing any broken or rusty pipes, will increase the appeal of your property, as now extra work will need to be taken care of, but will also maximise the value of your home.

Fresh Lick of Paint

Repainting is a process, but can be done quickly and easily, without too much hassle. A fresh bit of paint can increase the value of your home. An essential to get painted is the front door. Often buyers make their first impressions within moments of seeing a property, a freshly painted door already gives a good appearance.

If your walls are also looking a bit dull or tired, repainting with neutral colours is not only likely to give your home a more clean, open feel but gives the appearance of a blank canvas for future buyers.


Whether it's your ceiling, or a crack in the wall that needs re-plastering it's best to just get it done, as a non-maintained house can decrease the value of your home. This could be at the point of home valuation, or further down the line when buyers are making offers.

If you are looking to have any changes made to your home, from garden landscaping to an extension, and would like some advice, give us a call on 07779880860 
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