Tips to make your home look more expensive

24 July 2017

Having a stylish home doesn't have to be expensive. Here are a few ways to make your home look luxurious for less.

1.    Upgrade your lighting 

Forget the standard light fixtures, table lamps or pendant, statement lighting with making your room look more luxurious.  Replace simple lamp shades with something elegant such as modern chandeliers, as they will create a focal point in the room. Also, unusual shapes can help the room look upscale. 
2.    Freshen up the paint 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, as it will make the room look cleaner. Chose the colour scheme carefully as your room needs balanced contrast, bright coloured walls need more neutral toned furniture, otherwise, the room may seem cluttered. 

3.    Mirrors will make the room look bigger

Large mirrors in your room will instantly open up the room, by you putting them across to rooms entrance they create an illusion of a larger room.

4.    Brighten up the room with flowers 

Bright colorful flowers will brighten up your room and can be placed anywhere in your house. Also, by using a selection of vases (especially mirrored ones)  will make any room seem luxurious.

5.    Stay on top of cleaning 

The only way to ensure your home continues to look expensive is by staying on top of the cleaning, minimising the clutter and keep counters free of unnecessary junk. 

6.    Raise your curtains 

Luxurious homes tend to have higher ceilings, so by hanging you curtains nearer to the ceiling; the room will appear to be a bigger space.

7.    Add accessories 

Accessories are an instant way to make your room seem more luxurious. Verity of candles, velvet or silk cushion, soft blankets, and a patterned rug can be used to add texture to your room.