What I Should Sow and Grow in April

04 April 2017

As Spring comes into full swing, and everyone's getting their gardens ready for Summer, April is a great month to start planting and sowing. The weather is getting hotter, the sun is out for longer, and your garden can get ready to entertain over the Summer months.

Deciding what to plant though can be the difficult part, here are some of the best plants and vegetables to start growing in April:


  • If you are looking to brighten up your garden and add something a little extra Sunflowers can add the finishing touch.
  • Nasturtiums are very versatile flowers, and grow best in poor soil, so if you have any patches in your garden that look a bit dull, these can be the plants to bring them to life again.
  • Greenhouses help plants to grow and if you are looking to get the most out of your flowers, beginning to grow Petunias in April in your greenhouse can ensure the plant reaches a good size in time for Summer.
  • As it gets warmer, Marigolds are also a great addition to your garden, and will brighten up your summer bedding.

Fruit and Vegetables

April is the perfect time to start growing your own vegetables, ideally they need to be grown in a greenhouse, or indoors to ensure they reach their full growth, but there are some that can be grown outdoors.

  • Indoors

Depending on what you're looking to grow it's best to check in advance whether it's best to be grown indoors, or whether it can start growing indoors and eventually move outside. If you are looking to start sowing fruit and vegetable these are just some we'd recommend:

- Courgette, marrow, squash and pumpkin seeds are best grown under cover.
- If you are looking to get your own Strawberry Plants now is your last chance to start sowing them in time for the coming season
- To start, grow your Tomato Plants indoors, until the risk of frost is gone, then they can be moved outdoors

  • Outdoors

There are quite a few vegetables and fruit that can be grown outdoors, it's just a case of maintaining, and checking them. Here's just a few:

- If you are after a vegetable that is long lasting, Artichokes are worth sowing
Beetroot, brussel sprouts, calabrese and broccoli can all be sown directly into seed beds outside
- To add a little bit of orient, Pak Choi can be grown outside
- Another one to try is growing your own Watercress in containers, making sure the container is set in at least 2-3inches of water all time

Has that given you some inspiration of what to start growing this April?

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