What should I be doing in my garden in January?

11 January 2018

With the days slowly starting to draw out again, now that the shortest day of the year is out the way, it’s time to start thinking about getting out into your garden again! It can be a struggle finding the motivation to get back out in your garden when it’s still so grey and dull outside, but there’s plenty to be done in preparation for Spring!
Here’s our checklist for keeping on top of your garden this January:
  • Prune your Wisteria plant. It’s time to cut back and side-shoots to just 2 or 3 buds.
  • Prune your rose bushes now, whilst they are dormant.
  • Bare root roses can be planted now. Choose a spot you know gets some sunshine.
  • Trim down the old stems of any perennial plants.
  • Avoid walking on your lawn is if it is covered in frost or snow, as this can really damage the grass underneath.
  • Consider hanging bird feeders or fat balls off trees in your garden to attract birds. These will eat any pests in your garden before they can start damaging your plants.
  • Pressure-wash your patio to get rid of any slimy patches which can be slippery and dangerous.
There’s also some work you can do in your fruit & vegetable gardens:
  • Time to harvest any parsnips or leeks that you might’ve planted.
  • You can start growing potatoes. We’d recommend growing them in containers undercover for an early crop.
  • Start pruning your apple and pear trees, whilst they are dormant.
  • Prune your blackcurrant, gooseberry or redcurrant bushes.
  • Now is the perfect time to order fruit bushes. They can be planted in a well-prepared bed, in a sheltered area of your garden.
Join us next month for our next installment of seasonal tips for looking after your garden.  If you’d much prefer to leave the work to a professional, then get in touch with our Colchester Gardeners today.
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